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Latest Release SW 2.95

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Version 2.95 is recommended for all users.

This is a repackage of Version 2.95 is recommended for all users.

This repackage fixes an issue with flexlm licensing and licenses not being available.

This version supports Orcad and Allegro 17.2.

Bug fixes for Bom Compare between 2 Excel files, full refdes lists were not being handled at time of parsing, so incorrect results were being generated in the BOM Report.

Orcad users of 17.2 need make sure they have a CDSROOT environment variable and that it points to the correct Cadence installation. Cadence in 17.2 no longer creates this variable. In a later release of Doctar this requirement will be removed.

Identifying and working with Pads netlist files.

Release Rev V 2.95 (Build 250) Information:

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