Design Object Compare
Tool and Reporter

Identify what's changed in your PCB Design...

  • Missing, added or changed components
  • Changed package values and tolerances
  • Pin lists changed, renamed or renumbered
  • x/y location changes
  • Test points missing or moved
  • Connectivity changes

    ... Anytime your design changes!

To download a DOCTAR demo: Click Here

Save Money and Time - Catch Unintended Changes Early
Unintended design and netlist changes cost companies millions every year in production delays, costly retooling / refixturing, and even product cancellations. DOCTAR gives you the data you need to:

Identify potential problems earlier in the design cycle
Eliminate Production Delays
Prevent unnecessary and costly fixture rework
Save Design Review Time

Reports Differences in Logical, Physical and Manufacturing Levels
DOCTAR reduces the error prone, mundane work of the identifying and tracking changes in a hardware design. Design engineers can make informed trade-offs and implement changes as necessary early in the design cycle, before costly respins are needed. Areas of high cost, such as test fixture re-tooling/re-programming can be identified early in the layout process.

Ensures Design Data Integrity from Design to Manufacturing
Use DOCTAR to validate changes as design data cycles through the design and redesign process.

    • Hardware Design Reviews -- especially for multi-person teams
    • Tracking changes in your database for ECO documentation.
    • Saving time in PCB cost estimating and confirm true scope of work.
    • Ensuring compliance with DFM and DFT standards.
    • Better controls for outsourced design/manufacturing resources

DOCTAR is especially useful when sub-designs are shared among multiple systems. DOCTAR's versatile reporting tools can even focus in on sub-designs to ensure the designs are similar.

Everyone benefits from DOCTAR's easy-to-read, HTML format reports.

Hardware designers
"...We always used to wonder if the changes we requested really got in the design whenever there were a few different engineers working on it."
Engineering managers
PCB designers
Manufacturing Engineers
PCB project cost estimators
Test Engineers

DOCTAR is FAST and Easy to Use
        View A Logical DOCTAR Report

        View A Physical DOCTAR Report

        View A Physical DOCTAR Report with Testpoint Changes

  • Takes less than 5 min. to install and run.
  • No training or scripting required. 
  • Simple graphical (GUI)interface for specifying options.
  • Easy to read HTML and EXCEL report formats - let you punch down to the data you need. 

"It used to take us a week to get approvals from our hardware designer just to add a few test points. With DOCTAR, he was able to get us an answer in less than 24 hrs."

DOCTAR is Windows 2000/NT/XP compatible with planned support for Solaris and Linux operating systems.

Doctar currently supports input from OrCAD, PADS, Concept, Orcad, Viewlogic, PowerPCB, PCAD, Allegro, BoardStation, Mentor Expedition and Gencad.

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